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  • BertCobbStuHoyt
    Our 30th Year Celebration at Dick's Classic Garage, San Marcos, Texas on Wednesday October 19, 2011. In this photo, County Judge Dr. Bert Cobb presents a Hays County Proclamation to Hays County Crime Stoppers Chairman Stuart Hoyt.
  • MikeWoodMayorsKyleSMStuHoyt
    Kyle Mayor, Lucy Johnson and San Marcos Mayor, Daniel Guerrero present the San Marcos Proclamation to HCCS Chairman Stuart Hoyt. HCCS LE Coordinator Sgt. Mike Wood enjoys the presentation. (l to r: Wood, Johnson, Guerrero and Hoyt).
  • MikeWoodStuHoyt
    HCCS Law Enforcement Coordinator Sgt. Mike Wood reflects on the organization's history while Stuart Hoyt stands by.
  • StuHoytChairman
    HCCS Chairman, Stuart Hoyt, welcomes dignitaries, members and guests to the 30th Year Celebration.

  • DSCN0001
    What a great looking banner. First time our Hays County Crime Stoppers Banner was displayed. Hwy 290 in Dripping Springs, Texas August 15, 2011
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  • DSCN0003

  • IMG 20110919 180345
    Our Hays County Crime Stoppers Board of Directors meeting on September 19, 2011 in the San Marcos Police Department auditorium. In this photo, Larry Shaffer, Fraternal Order of Police Treasurer, is presenting a generous $200 check to Stuart Hoyt, Hays County Crime Stoppers Chairman. In this photo, Larry gives Stu details about the gift.
  • IMG 20110919 180356
    Larry is leery of Stu (as he should be).
  • IMG 20110919 180403
    Stu makes nice and gets the check. Thanks to Renee Sample for these pictures.

  • CIMG1563
    Hays County Crime Stoppers attendees State Crime Stoppers Conference in Corpus Christi 2013 (left to right): Roger Hunt, Bob Moore and Stuart Hoyt, diligently concentrating during a training session
  • CIMG1564
    Bob Moore and Roger Hunt: Wednesday night gathering and eats. Where in the world is Stu?
  • CIMG1565
    Roger Hunt and Bob Moore: Thursday night Awards Ceremonies, sitting with other conference attendees.
  • CIMG1566
    Roger Hunt and Bob Moore: Thursday night Awards Ceremonies. Roger would you mind repeating that again?